My name is Mary Beth O’Hare. I was born and brought up in Springfield, Massachusetts. I am a 20 year old, in the pursuit of being a professional photographer. My personality consists of being out-going, quirky, energetic, and enthusiastic. My love for sports, music of all kinds, family and friends make up most of who I am.

My grandfather had worked for Kodak in Rochester, New York. Therefore Kodak products were always at my disposal growing up. From the disposable Kodak cameras to Kodak film cameras, I always seemed to be interested in taking pictures of anything and everything. At a young age I had already fell in love with taking photos and capturing special moments. During my junior year of high school, I had gone to get my senior pictures at a local studio and was discussing where I wanted to go for college. Hallmark Institute of Photography seemed to be the reoccurring name I heard. After that, I looked into Hallmark. As soon as I stepped through the doors I knew that it was the place for me and my experience was nothing like I could have ever imagined.

One thing I have learned in my short nineteen years, is to never take anything I have for granted. I have learned to live each day as it comes and for our lost loved ones. Losing someone is so difficult. When I photograph people, I look to make that photograph a great one in case for some reason that is the last picture taken of that individual. Losing loved ones myself, I looked to photography as a get-away. Taking myself out of the “real-world” and putting myself behind the view finder put me into a world of my own and gave me a sense of relaxation.

A most rewarding thing in my life has been being a camp counselor at the YMCA of Greater Springfield’s Camp Weber in West Springfield. There I work with close with six and seven year olds and with campers through the age of fifteen. It has become most rewarding because of the impact one makes on so many children. I have essentially become a mother, sister, and/or friend to most of the children I work with. My campers inspire me everyday and have taught me to look at a lot of things in a different way. In a way they help me look at things in not only an adult perspective but a child’s as well.

Family has always been important to me. I am close to almost everyone in my family and we have been there for one another through thick and thin. I couldn’t ask to have better parents, they have done everything they could to give me all that they could and where I am as a woman and photographer is all thanks to them. My friends are the rock in my life and they pick me up whenever I feel as though I may fall. With both family and friends, follows my sports. Without sports, I wouldn’t be who I am. I have played multiple sports through my life. That has helped me tremendously while photographing most of my sporting events